Seasonal updates to create a spectacular garden container

Seasonal updates to create a spectacular garden container

Spring Container Design

Colourful lamps sing the season

The shimmering, wavy leaves of Japanese Umbrella Pine complement the variegated gray-green and white of Euphorbia ‘Silver Swan’ and Feather Falls™ Sedge. Wavy sedge foliage hugs the highest of the container and echoes the daring horizontal strains that run by way of the vase, which is softened by a mound of watercress. The sapphire blue blooms of lithodora ‘Grace Ward’ add a splash of springtime coloration and distinction with the geum ‘Fireball’ and the ethereal blooms of heuchera Endlessly® Purple. To sign that spring is coming, a daffodil and a tulip are proper within the heart of the window.

woody centerpiece:

1.Japanese umbrella pine (Sciadopitys verticillataZones 5–9)

two. Euphorbia ‘Silver Swan’ (euphorbia characias Syn from ‘Silver Swan’. ‘Wilcott’, Zones 8–10)

3. Sedge Feather Falls™ (carex oshimensis ‘ET CRX01’, Zones 5–9)

4. Endlessly® Purple heuchera (Heuchera ‘TNHEUFR’, Zones 4–9)

5. ‘Sunny Aspect Up’ Narcissus (Narcissus ‘Sunny Aspect Up’, Zones 3-8)

6. ‘Striped crown’ tulip (Tulip ‘Striped Crown’, Zones 3–8)

7. ‘Fireball’ gem (Geum ‘Fireball’, Zones 5–9)

8. ‘Grace Ward’ lithodora (Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward’, Zones 6-8)

9. Variegated watercress (arabis alpina subsp. Caucasian ‘Variegata’, Zones 3-8)

Summer time container replace

With heat climate come daring main colours

Somewhat modifying is all this container must get into summer season with contemporary blooms. By now, Feather Falls™ sedge is cascading down the aspect of the container, complemented by a protracted silver dichondra. Vibrantly coloured blooms from annuals like summer season snapdragon Angelface® Tremendous Blue and creeping zinnia Sunbini® distinction with the daring foliage of purple Magilla® perilla.

– eliminated: These vegetation have most of their curiosity within the spring and have been eliminated to make room for the summer season stars.

  • daffodil ‘Sunny Aspect Up’,
  • Tulip ‘Striped Crown’,
  • Gem ‘ball of fireside’,
  • ‘Grace Ward’ lithodora,
  • and variegated cress
✓ Saved: Now that they’re beginning to develop, these vegetation look even higher.

  1. Japanese Umbrella Pine,
  2. Euphorbia ‘Silver Swan’,
  3. sedge Feather Falls™,
  4. and Endlessly® Purple heuchera
Updates make the container design extra savvy.

+ added:

5. Angelface® Tremendous Blue Summer time Snapdragon (angelonia angustifolia ‘ANSUBLU021’, Zones 10–11)

6. Magilla® perilla purple** (Perilla frutescens* ‘Balmagpurp’, annual)

7. Sunbini® creeping zinnia (Sanvitalia procumbens ‘DSANTLAG’, annual)

8. Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ (Dichondra argentea ‘Silver Falls’, Zones 10-11)

To fall

Cool purples make an understated but elegant show.

By gently eradicating many of the annuals and including a number of perennials which might be flowering or sporting true fall coloration, this container extends into cool climate. The tall, burgundy autumn foliage of the ‘Storm Cloud’ blue star hides gaps on the base of the Japanese Umbrella Pine. Its colours mix with the single-top pink flowers of the Japanese anemone ‘September Attraction’. The elegant orchid-like lavender flowers and delicate foliage of the ‘Tojen’ frog lily cascade over a deeply coloured Endlessly® Purple heuchera.

– eliminated: Annuals corresponding to these declined considerably when autumn arrived, and the heuchera was overcrowded.

  • Summer time Snapdragon Angelface® Tremendous Blue
  • Magilla® purple perilla
  • Sunbini® creeping zinnia
  • Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’
  • and Endlessly® Purple heuchera
✓ Saved: These foliage superstars preserve their appears to be like with the altering seasons.

  1. japanese umbrella pine
  2. Euphorbia ‘Silver Swan’
  3. Junça Feather Falls™

autumn container with cool purple plants
Fall vegetation are proper at residence within the strong construction of this container design.

+ added:

4. Blue Star ‘Storm Cloud’ (Amsonia tabernaemontana ‘Storm Cloud’, Zones 4–9)

5. Japanese Anemone ‘Amulet of September’ (Anemone × hybrid ‘September Attraction’, Zones 4–8)

6. Tojen Toad Lily (Tricyrtis ‘Tojen’, Zones 5–9)

7. Endlessly® Purple heuchera (Heuchera ‘TNHEUFP’, Zones 4–9)


White and inexperienced are all the glint you want

This design captures the sensation of a stroll within the snow lined forest. The whites and greens of ‘Silver Swan’ euphorbia and Feather Falls® sedge are echoed by new displays. Brilliant paper birch trunks and white snowberries have been added together with pine cones for robust vertical parts, and teal-green cascading branches of japanese white pine and blue spruce soften the sting of the container.

– eliminated: these perennials can be moist and mushy through the winter.

  • blue star ‘Storm Cloud’
  • Japanese anemone ‘Amulet of September’
  • Lily Frog ‘Tojen’
  • and Endlessly® Purple heuchera
✓ Saved: Whereas euphorbia and sedge will die through the season, their light foliage will stay robust as a structural component effectively into spring.

  1. Japanese Umbrella Pine,
  2. Euphorbia ‘Silver Swan’,
  3. Junça Feather Falls™
winter container with white and green plants
Fancy additions of branches and pine cones remodel the container right into a winter wonderland.

+ added:

4. Paper birch logs (betula papyriferaZones 2–7)

5. Snowberry branches (symphoricarpos albusZones 3–7)

6. Blue spruce branches (Picea pungensZones 2–8)

7. Boxwood branches (Buxus sempervirensZones 5–8)

8. Japanese white pine branches (pine strobusZones 3–8)

9. Pine cones

* Invasive Alert:

purple perilla (perilla frutescens)

This plant is taken into account invasive in TN, VA and WV.

please go to For extra informations.

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