Episode 128: Our Loved Ones' Favorite Plants

Episode 128: Our Loved Ones’ Favorite Plants

For a lot of gardeners, sharing a love of crops with household and mates provides one other layer of enjoyment to a really rewarding interest. On this episode, Danielle, Carol and visitor professional Catharine Cooke discover crops which have particular which means or associations with family members. Whether or not it is a dogwood tree that gives seedlings to share with others, a local orchid that is price an extended stroll to see rising within the wild, a buttery rose, or “that gangly plant by the stone wall” that Danielle’s husband is particularly keen on, these crops are positive to make you concentrate on the recollections, tales and connections that make among the crops in your backyard significant to you.

Knowledgeable Visitor: Catharine Cooke is a panorama designer and co-owner of Spring Lake Backyard Design in Sherman, Connecticut. You may learn a few of Catharine’s earlier articles right here: finegardening.com/creator/catharine-cooke

Danielle’s Vegetation

Dogwood Bark from Kousa
Kousa dogwood flowers
Kousa dogwood flowers

Dogwood Bark from Kousa

Kousa’s Cornus (cornus kousa, Zones 5-8)

A variety of Siberian irises
A wide range of Siberian irises

siberian iris (sibirica irisZones 4–9)

korean spice viburnum
korean spice viburnum

Korean spice viburnum (viburnum carlesii, Zones 4–8)

Larch ‘Horstmann’s Recurve’ (deciduous larch ‘Horstmann’s Recurve’, Zones 2–7)

carol crops

lady's slipper orchid
girl’s slipper orchid

girl’s slipper orchid (Cypripedium reginaeZones 2a–7)

eastern red cedar
jap purple cedar (here’s a hyperlink to Invoice Cullina’s article: Native Vegetation for the Birds)

jap purple cedar (Juniperus virginianaZones 2–9)

Arbutus on the right, Courtesy of B. Domangue via Wikimedia Commons
drag liner, Photograph: ccourtesy of B. Domangue by way of Wikimedia Commons

Arbutus (epigea repensZones 3–7)

strawberry rhubarb
strawberry rhubarb

strawberry rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarumZones 3–8)

specialist’s blueprints

Julia Child™ rose, photo courtesy of Deb Habr
Julia Youngster™ Pink, Photograph courtesy of Deb Habr

Rose Julia Youngster™ (pink ‘Wekvossutono’, Zones 4-9)

Rose 'Constance Spry', Photo courtesy of T. Kiya via Wikimedia Commons

‘Constance Spry’ pink (pink ‘Constance Spry’, Zones 5–10)

Rose 'Constance Spry', Photo courtesy of T. Kiya via Wikimedia Commons
Rose ‘Constance Spry’, Photograph courtesy of T. Kiya by way of Wikimedia Commons

Rose ‘New Daybreak’ (pink ‘New Daybreak’, Zones 5-10)

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