Antique film: Woodworking Hand Tools (1967)

Antique film: Woodworking Hand Tools (1967)

I am a giant fan of Fran Blanche’s YouTube channel as a result of she is normally nerdy about electronics and guitar – two topics I additionally wish to nerd about. I used to be pleasantly shocked to search out this previous film she posted final week. Fran has a huge archive of old movies which she has been archiving on YouTube for years. Sadly, the chemical compounds within the the film has degraded and that is what we now have left. I feel it is nice that she’s shelving these motion pictures earlier than it is too late.

On a woodworking observe… WOW!

This movie is a good have a look at what might be consultant of a highschool retailer within the 1960’s – I am certain somebody can attest to that within the feedback beneath. I am going to simply say this, there are some questionable security practices on show and never quite a lot of sharpening occurring at this retailer! It is nonetheless a enjoyable watch.

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